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Fight or Flight - Coming 10/31/2020!

Words cannot express how good it feels to be releasing new music! There were a lot of wrong turns along the way, but that's how it goes when you're growing up in the world. Now that we are young adults, we are ready to share the next chapter in our lives!

The title of our new EP, "Fight or Flight", is dedicated to the ones making tough decisions right now, just like we had to when we we were growing up. These songs are packed tight with emotions and raw energy, much like a young adult today. We hope these songs will help you through any tough decisions you have to make, because we know that's when people need music the most!

As of today, the official release date of our EP will be this Halloween, 2020! (10/31/2020) Official song titles and track list are listed below as followed, with bonus radio edits for our fans with little ones around! We want to make more music already, but we know that this is just the beginning of something great!

Thank you for supporting us through this long gap of writing, we promise to make it worth the wait! :)

Westwood - "Fight or Flight"

  1. The Fight

  2. Rag Doll

  3. Pop Song

  4. All I Have

  5. A World In Gray

  6. Run Away

  7. Rag Doll (Radio Edit)

  8. Pop Song (Radio Edit)

  9. All I Have (Radio Edit)

  10. A World In Gray (Radio Edit)

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