Westwood is an alternative rock trio from the Chicagoland area. Founded in 2011 by musicians Ross Nelson (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Patrick Ryan (Drummer). They got their name from the street they would practice at, but eventually it would become the band name that held all their different sounding songs together!


Westwood released their first single, Black River, with Tyler Jones as their Bassist/Vocalist on August 29th, 2014. The song was a first glance at what it was like to be in a professional setting when creating music, and although the ambition was there, it would be quite sometime until things came full circle and the band would record again... Westwood would remain a "local" band for the next 4 years, with a constant rotation of different musicians trying out while Ross and Pat practiced to become better musicians. The pain from not finding a permanent member over time resulted in the band taking a break from 2017 - 2018.

In late 2018 Ross and Patrick picked up where they left off and auditioned a man named Scotty Kay, who eventually became the final piece to the alternative rock trio. The gears were grinding and the band was writing again!


In November 2019, Westwood worked on their first EP in 6 years with sound engineer Brad Dausman. Writing and producing the EP took a lot longer than expected, but overall was much needed due to the experience from recording in the past. This EP, now called Fight or Flight, released on 10/31/2020!

Although 2020 has a feeling of uncertainty, Westwood is exactly the opposite. You can expect that we will always be doing something, big or small, and we love and appreciate every advice or feedback you can give us! Watch us continue to grow as we begin this life-long musical journey! 


Ross Nelson - Vocals / Guitar 

Scott Kay - Bass / Vocals

Patrick Ryan - Drums